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Pastor's Blog

Dangerous church part 2

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To be a DANGEROUS CHURCH it absolutly positivly must MUST transform the ordinary into extraordinary!!!!

A dangerous church will take ordinary people who are in the world and will see their lives transformed into extraodinary world changers...We see this all thru the Bible where simple ordinary men were transformed into world changers.

Acts 4:13 lines out one such situation...Peter and John  2 ordinary guys  were actually called Uneducated & untrained....Which litterally translates Illiterate and Ignorant. Perter and John were Illiterate and ignorant and after spending time with Jesus HE transformed them into mighty church builders and world changers. He turned them into EXTRAORDINARY men.... DANGEROUS MEN

Jesus called 1 few illiterate ignaramouses tio build his church. WHY?  I believe that they were so niave enough to belive JESUS could and would do exactly as he said he would...Jesus didnt grab 1 religeous person, not 1 rabbi, not 1 priest, not 1 pope, not 1..... they thought this was to DANGEROUS so they stood back in their safe synagouges......

But jesus took 12 ignorant men and so powerfully changed their lives that they changed the world and 2 000 years later are still being talked about.

SO ....Is your church DANGEROUS?   ARE You dangerous?      Are you ignorant but willing to be transformed into a dangerous Christian?

This was from Sundays sermon Sept 5th  ...Part 2 will be preached Sunday am at 1030.....sept 12


are you or your church dangerous?

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For years our churches have become a safe place, and have come up with some safe rules...

1) Dont offend anybody ..keep it safe

2) Dont talk about anything controvertial...keep it safe

3) Dont change anything...we like it the ways its been for 40 years....

The problem for me is when i look at modern day churches i would describe them as SAFE,But when we look at the new testament churches there was NOTHING safe about them.....

Dont belive me , Read just the first chapter of Galatians and see how Paul condemned and was very strong and stepping on the toes of the CHURCH the PEOPLE and what they were doing......

This week i plan on blogging notes from Sundays service on becoming a Dangerous CHurch.....come visit this next sunday for part 2


todays thought

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Moses went to Pharaoh and said let my people go and Pharaoh did. When Pharaoh came after the people and seemed to have them trapped, Moses spread his arms and God answered by parting the Red Sea that saved the people. Then while wondering in the wilderness, Moses ministered to the people. He prayed when they needed food and the people were fed. When the people were thirsty, Moses struck the rock and water was provided. When the people demanded rules to live by, Moses went to the mount and brought down the 10 commandments. Even after doing this the people were still sinning and still dissatisfied with the job Moses was doing. But you and I know how the story ends. Moses through perseverance and a constant faith in God led the people to the Promise Land......Im on my way to the promised land , anyone wanna come along...


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sunday i finished my series on Generosity, and the one word that came to mind was  CONTENTMENT.

Proverbs says.." A joyful heart makes a cherful face,a sad heart makes a despondant mood.All the days of a poor person are wrecthed, but CONTENMENT is a feast without end".

Does contentment have to do with money?  

NO, but we all have been fooled by the allusion that if we had just a little bit more we would be comfortable and happy. But for most people money does not buy happiness and contentment.

Our contenment comes from God. When we put Jesus first place in our lives HE fills our heart with HIS love, which brings contenment and a joyful heart makes a cheerful face...

1 timothy 6 6 Now Godliness with contenment is great gain,

Hows your contentment today?     is your heart joyful? 


pivitol prayer

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Do we want our prayers to be effective?  

 A Young couple wanted to be missionarys… They prayed God "We will Work Hard, Manage our resources and share Christ with as many as possible"….

In the last steps they failed to get clearance to go to the mission field…. They got angry with god…

This young man went to work for his dads dentistry and small fledging juice business. The Lord spoke to this man saying "remember your prayer to Work Hard, Manage our resources and share christ with as many as possible….DO it"……….  So this man went to work building this company into a huge conglomerate, donating millions to fund missionaries all over the world….

Today you know him as Mr. Welch of welchs grape juice company…. 

IT started with a PIVITOAL PRAYER>>>.A focused prayer that not only gets Gods ear, but His heart. After all isnt that what God wants from us, to follow the examp-les laid out by Jesus? So why not pray in that same manner


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