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mothers day

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Today is friday and its 2 days before we celebrate mothers day...its supposed to be a day that we celebrate the woman who gave birth to us....UNFORTUNATLY..sometimes the woman who gave birth to us isnt worth celebrating....   I've met many kids whose mom was a crack addict, pill head who lost custody of their kids because men and drugs were more important.

Ive met kids whose moms have allowed their husbands or boyfriends molest and abuse their daughters.....Mothers day isnt always an easy day to celebrate.....

So how about those whove had a troublesome mom, how can you celebrate.?

Maybe you can celebrate the fact that a grandmother loved you enough to step in and fill in as a surrogate mom, or whomever it was who stepped in to help raise you, and love you.

Maybe those of us who have moms who loved us , have taken for granted the fact that we had a "normal" mom who loved us....maybe this mothers day we need to look around us and see those kids who dont have a loving mom , and become the hands and feet of jesus to them?  maybe we need to become a "christian mentor" to them and love them anyway......maybe we need to become their moms n dads and love them and show them just because there paternal mom didnt care WE DO.....


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