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Whats Hindering you?

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This past sunday i preached on the paralized man in Mark 2.

This man came to meet jesus the Healer and he was HELPLESS....He couldnt go on his own he needed his

friends to carry him there...Many in our community today are Helpless & paralyzed in their lives and dont know how to change ,or even how to meet jesus the healer they need a friend to show them .....

ARE you HELPLESS TODAY?     Who do you know that is HELPLESS?

Maybe your the friend who is the HELPER, your supposed to HELP them get to JESUS....

Then as they began to bring this man to jesus they encountered a crowd.....HINDERANCE...they couldnt get thru.  Sadly so many people are blocked from meeting JESUS because of a HINDERANCE. What is HINDERING you today from meeting the one who can HEAL you?

So his friends , had a"what ever it takes attitude" and climed on the roof and cut it open and lowered him in front of jesus.....THEY HELPED him....they didnt just say ill pray for ya ...or oh well the crowds to big....THEY did whatever it took to help him meet jesus....


They lowered him in front of jesus -the true HEALER....the one who had the power to make him whole.Jesus forgave him his sins, he over came his helplessness, the hinderanceand met the healer.....

Then he encountered the HIPPOCRITTES( they are everywhere) complain complain complain, the religeous leaders of the complained .....I dont think the man who got healed cared, but the ones who thought they were so spiritual  never met the healer and they stood face to face.

The point im making today---is HOWEVER....we need to develop a whatever it takes mentality to reach this community ...Not just to turn people into "religeous leaders who complain" we need to do whatever it takes to introduce the HURTING and HELPLESS to the healer.....

That is the foundation of the OAA Worship center....to reach ALL of east tn for jesus, introduce them to the healer by whatever means neccassary......

Are you with  me?



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