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culture of connection

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How many front doors does your church have?   When i ask that to most people their mind goes to a visual picture of their building, and will answer 2, 4 etc.

But what im really asking is " How many different avenues are their to your church"  . The days of building a church building and just expecting people to come are over. Sadly today more churches are in decline and failing  then churches that are growing.  Churches are closing their doors and going bankrupt, why?

One reason is the front doors arnt big enough and the rear doors are to wide.

That translates : we need to build ways for people to come into our churches and feel welcomed. Thats why we started a Motorcycle club , we give bikers an avenue to come into church and be accepted and connected.  Thats a reason why we have a coffee bar, and in fact everything we do at OAA.

We have 2 doors into our physical building, but we really have 5 entry points to connect with people. After all its about realationships isnt it?


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