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Jesus calls us blessed to be in spiritual poverty….WHY? 

I believe because it cracks our hard shell of denial and shows our need for Jesus. 

BUT  most of the hurting people who need Gods Grace and HOPE wouldn’t be welcomed in many churches today…

We must not force these hurting people into a denial state where they try to hide it from the church community as did years ago with alcoholic. 

They NEED God and they need the christian community BEFORE they will get healing. 

Many come looking for healing their hurts and brokenness only to hear that they need to say a sinners prayer, baptism and all their troubles will disappear…. When life doesn’t work out that way they leave the church more Broken then when they came in….

The church today needs to be open and accepting of ANYONE who walks in our doors regardless of race,sexual oreintation , financial status etc.

The we must Give them HOPE for a better tommorrow, Speak to them in HUMILITY and TRUTH about their lifestyles, Then offer them the chance to have Jesus heal them...

This is the premise behind everything we do at OAA.



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