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Pastor's Blog

How does Gay Marriage Ruling change OAA WORSHIP

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Your Facebook and twitter pages are blowing up. Some are saying you are a

Hateful minority if you darted to disagree  with the ruling( forgetting that it was a close 5-4 decision) Others are saying that Jesus must be getting ready to return as if He was waiting on the last few states to legalize gay marriage before blowing the trumpets and closing the world down.

Both are simply ridiculous

Why?  Because honestly ,this ruling changes very little for how we as a church carry out the work of our church. These are the things that do not change as a result of Today's rulings.

1. Jesus defined Marriage;I do not get to define it ,and no government gets to define iota . We didn't have to like it or evenb fully understand it , But if you follow Christ you must wrestle with His definition  and what it means. Matthew 19:4-5. " Haven't you read the scripture? Jesus replied, They recorded from the beginning  God made male and female  and He said  This explains  why a man leaves his mother and father and cleaves to his wife.and the 2 shall become one.

2. Jesus also said that what's most important is LOVE.

When asked what was the most important commandment Jesus answered Love . M

More important than defending marriage  or your personal viewpoint. Yep, your job as a Christian and a member of OAA Worship is to love those who follow christ and those who don't follow Christ or His teachings. Its the Holy Spirits job to convict people of sin ,not ours.

3. Gay people are still welcomed at OAA Worship. GASP.  WHAT ?

But you said Jesus defined marriage as a man and a woman !!! Jesus said we should lift up His name and HE would draw in ALL people  to himself , Gays  and pre-marital sex  living together alike ALL .  SO, if we at OAA Worship continue to lift high Jesus name HE will draw all people . My personal belief is that as people follow Jesus , their hearts will change . So there is nothing id like more than ALL sinners  come to  OAA and seek to know the Lord with all their heart soul and mind and allow the Holy Spirit to do his work in all of us.

4. This is not the most important issue facing us There are thousands of people in Monroe County who do not knopw Jesus, That's the sole reason OAA Worship exists While we striove to live in a way that Jesus taught us  to believe , we MUST NOT get distracted  from His  commission to   GO into all the world and make disciples.

5. There will never be consensus on this issue in the church. There are people who love Jesus deeply and wrestle with this issue in their family, in thioer lives and even in the church. With that comes many different viewpoints., ideas , beliefs. We must pray that God leads us to His desires, not our own and offer GRACE  to each other in the process.

OAA Worship.     Sunday at 11am. GOD loves you so much and so do we.


Physical VS Spiritual

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The Bible makes a lot of anlogies between The flesh and the spirit....the physical and the spiritual.

Jesus in John chapter 3 with niccodemous  when asked what must i do to inherit the kingdom, JESUS answers ...YOU CAN NOT SEE, the Kingdom unless you been "BORN AGAIN" .    When you are BORN as an infant , you must rely on your mother to make the formula and bottle feed you, as you grow you  begin to be fed the gerbers baby mush....and soon  that lil baby is feeding itself...growing into eating regular food .

The same happens SPIRITUALY, YOU MUST BE BORN....become a new creation, when you do you must be fed with a bottle  and then  as you grow the gerbers of the Bible and eventually raise your own spiritual family by BIRTHING spiritual children.

1 corinthians 13:11  When i was a child , i spoke as a child ,understood as a child  and thought as a child BUT when i became a man, i put away childish things...

The world is full of adult children, both physically and spiritually.  We must change the food we are feeding  we must take some to the Dr. and ask why is this child not an adult?   If your 20 year old is still crwaling on the floor and not walking talking like an adult youd want to know why.....whats wrong with my kid?? you would fight with every dr for answers.....

WHY do we not do the same thing spiritually?   If John 3 is correct and we must be born again and we must put away childish things and we must make spiritual familys   ?  the spiritual familys have become dysfunctional......

Its time for a 1 cor. 13  moment....lets grow....



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** I saw this article this morning  and felt compelled to share, it was an awesome read ...there are NO PERFECT churches, ALL  have some problems because imperfect people are in them....EVEN among churches there is DISUNITY---between the different denoiminations....



Once upon a time there was a body. It had enjoyed a healthy birth and a normal growth. Although there had been times of brief sickness and discomfort, these went through the usual healing processes and the body continued to grow and to function.

Then one day, the toes began to discuss among themselves the importance of wearing comfortable shoes. In the course of the conversation, it was observed that no other part of the body was in the habit of wearing shoes.

"But shoes are necessary for the protection of the body!" exclaimed one of the big toes. "We need to convince the other members of the body that they should also take to wearing shoes. But alas, the other members of the body could not see the need and would not comply with such demands. The toes decided that, for the good of the body, they would separate themselves from the other members of the body.

This had raised the question of what the various members of the body ought to wear. The legs stated that trousers were the only proper apparel. The torso claimed that a shirt ought to be worn. The hands disagreed, claiming that nothing was necessary, but that gloves were acceptable upon occasion.

The members of the body began to quarrel with one another with the result that each member decided to withdraw from those other members with whom there was disagreement.

In the end, the body died.

Sounds a little silly, doesn’t it? Yet this simple story serves to illustrate why there are so many dying churches in the world today.

Corinth was a church divided. There were divisions within the church. These divisions were threatening to tear the church apart. In far off Ephesus, Paul had heard the news of these divisions that plagued the church. He moved to deal with this problem.



Now I exhort you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all agree, and there be no divisions among you, but you be made complete in the same mind and in the same judgment.

For I have been informed concerning you, my brethren, by Chloe's people, that there are quarrels among you.

Now I mean this, that each one of you is saying, "I am of Paul," and "I of Apollos," and "I of Cephas," and "I of Christ." (1 Corinthians 1:10-12).

The church at Corinth had some serious problems. They had polarized themselves into a series of "clicks." If you were not a part of their particular group, then you did not count in their eyes.

Notice also that the case of this disunity was not of a doctrinal nature. There may have been some doctrinal problems in Corinth, but this disunity was not a part of that.

There are times when there ought to be division in the church. When someone holds to a false teaching or when someone rejects a Biblical teaching, then it is time for some disunity. A person who rejects the teaching that Jesus is the Son of God does not belong in the church. A person who does not believe that salvation is a gift from God has no place within the community of believers.

But this was not a doctrinal division at Corinth. These groups had not been formed on the basis of their doctrinal beliefs. We know this because we know something of the leaders that were used as the centers for each of these groups.

Now I mean this, that each one of you is saying, "I am of Paul," and "I of Apollos," and "I of Cephas," and "I of Christ." (1 Corinthians 1:12).

These Corinthians had held a popularity contest and there had been four nominees. They had separated themselves four groups and they each claimed to be following after a man.

1. The Paul Group.

This first group wanted to be loyal to Paul. After all, he was the one who had begun the church at Corinth and he deserved their undivided loyalty.

2. The Apollos Group.

Apollos was a young preacher who had visited Corinth and who had preached there for a time. Acts 18:11 says that he was "an eloquent man" (anhr logios). Apparently he was known for his impressive speaking ability. The people who followed him may have been impressed by the big words that he used.

3. The Peter Group.

This group may have been the working class. They could identify with the tough, gruff fisherman from Galilee who had been given the keys to the kingdom.

4. The Jesus Group.

It could be that this group had a false piety that said, "You other people can listen to all of those other Bible teachers, but we won’t listen to anyone but Jesus." They had a party in which they burned all of their commentaries and now they walked around with their nose in the air and dismissed all that did not belong to their party.

Paul does not advocate any of these groups. He does not even advocate the Jesus Group. He says that they are all wrong because they are all dividing the church. People were arguing over which group you ought to belong and they were disassociating themselves rom anyone who did not belong to their exclusive group.

There is a lesson here. It is that the church of God ought to be UNIFIED. When we speak of the church, we often think of a building where you go on Sunday to hear the teaching of the Bible. But this is not the church at all. The church is not the building, but the people inside the building. The church is a living thing. It is a body.

Notice that Paul’s exhortation comes by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ (1:10). When we read this, we ought to remember that Paul could speak ex cathedra. He was an apostle. He could say, "You guys straighten up or I’m going to come and bust some heads!" But that was not his approach. Instead he gives an exhortation by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

He says, "In light of the fact that you are now saved and in fellowship with Jesus Christ, I am giving you a message in the name of that One with whom you have been identified."

Paul calls these Corinthians "brethren." They were believers in Jesus Christ. They were already Christians. That means this is a family letter. If you are not a member of the family of God, then this is not written to you. You are an outsider who is looking in. But you don’t have to stay on the outside. You can come and join God’s family. You can trust in the work that Jesus accomplished on the cross and you can receive the free gift of eternal life. If you do so, you will find that this exhortation is also written to you.

Notice the specifics of Paul’s exhortation. It is an exhortation...

    • That they all agree.
    • That there be no divisions among them.
    • That they be made complete in the same mind and in the same judgment.

These three points can be summed up in a single word. UNITY. There is to be unity among the members of the body of Christ. Paul says, "Because you are in fellowship with Jesus Christ (1:9), you ought to be in fellowship with one another."




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OAA has recieved alot of publicity over the last few weeks with our newest ministry 2 fish.   2 fish was initiated by a few people sitting in my office one day dreaming of ways to IMPACT our community.

Since that day in 2 seperate give away days oaa has purchased 2 truck loads of food valued at over $54,000 and given it all away to serve others.

I have been asked the same question over and over again and i have decided to share with the world my answer. ( some may not like my answer but  im not here to please everyone just JESUS).

Jesus mission was very simple....FOLLOW ME, and I will make you fishers of men.

Not many professing christinas today are fishers of men. OH they may invite people to come to church, but let me ask you how many of you fisherman go out in your backyard and INVITE fish into your house???

OHHH NO, you invest thousands of dollars in the right fishing boat ( big money)  then you spend thousands of dollars on a truck to tow your boat( big big money) they you go to BASS PRO shop and spend obsecene amounts on the latest greatest jigs, worms , sprays  ...then you dont put the boat in the water and INVITE the fish to jump in the boat do you?   NOOOOO you cast and play with your rod to trick them into liking the lure your using and if the lure dont work you change lures.....

HOW come when it comes to church yall think sitting in the church for 45 min griping the preacher preached 15 to long is fishing for men?   Then you wanna gripe that you have to be forced to put $10 bucks in the plate( GOD forbid ya give god his whole 10%)  HOW much was that boat & trailer????

OH then ya gottra go spend time and invest YOUR TIME   ( yup tithe your time and SERVE ) unchurched people....you cant win people to JESUS if ya dont know or hang with them.....DO you give 10% of your time to JESUS??


Does the church of AMERICA today look like the church of JESUS in 33ad?

THIS is what makes OAA do the things we do...started in Feb of 2008 OAA was founded on the premise of WE ARE HERE TO SERVE....its not about us coming to church to be fat n lazy christians it has been and will always be about US becoming fishers of people and doing whatever it takes to help others....thats why we started Celebrate Recovery, to help addicts and those with hurts to be healed....

thats why we started full throttle warriors- to show them they can be themselevs and have a place to fit in and worship jesus...

2fish- to feed the community around us and let them know jesus loves them.....SERVE   isnt that what jesus did???  WHAT would happen in america if ewvery church  got detoxed off religeon and became fishers of men...throw out the programs...and become a movement of people who devoted their time and money to JESUS  kinda like the 1st church in ACTS?    wow what a dream.....



The Wolf inside of me

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I was in a training confrence this week and the anology was made about a wolf and it so described me that i had to share it....

A wolf is fed nothing but grain from the time of birth , would have wolves teeth, but it would more resemble a docile domesticated dog. It would be very passive , non aggressive  obediant dog.

BUT, Once that wolf has tasted the blood soaked meat it no longer resembles a dog, but that taste of blood, turns it into a feroucious, muscle packed aggressive, fighting  machine....

Alot of anlogies are in the bible about wolves vs sheep but here is a different twist.....Are you a grain fed christian, do you sit passivily in church every week, throw a few dollars in the plate sing a song or two and thats it.....

OR   Have you tasted the bloody red meat of leading someone to JESUS and you no longer are capable of accepting plain ole ordinary church anymore and you are desiring and dreaming about more meat....more christians makeing more disciples, it becomes your passion your fuel, your muscles buldging  as you hunt the lost and hurting?

I am personally a blood thirsty hungry wolf....and i am about to set out on a course to develop other blood thirsty devoring wolves who will run in a pack  and feed on lost & hurting people and thrivce on seeing disciples make disciples.

WHOSE with me?


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